Improve Your Time to Be Accredited

Being HSI Institute Partner your time to accreditation will be reduced. Our controls allow your company to start the sell process faster.

Increase Your Sales

Becoming Accredited all our portoflio will be available to your company, increasing your portofolio training to your candidates. Start your Cross-selling and Up-selling strategy NOW !

Increase The Candidates Career

We offer to your organization the complete path to seel careers for the candidates and not only a single training.

Markting Tools

We promote your company and trainings trough our Marketing Management to increase your sales and online presence.

"We are delighted with our partnership with HSI. From the moment we started our operations the results for both organizations were very positive, with clear and detailed informations and guidance, appropriate market values and assertive terms with our candidates. We strongly recommend the use of its services."

Nadia Guimares - Director Operations - DARYUS